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Financial Dragon is an expert

August 31, 2016      In Bank Guarantee 6 Comments

Financial Dragon is an expert in issuing letter of credit and bank guarantees from multiple top rated financial institutions. When your project is stuck because of creditworthiness you need a backing from a financial institution with high credit worthiness. Here we come to your rescue with accurate procedure and fast response time

6 Comments so far:

  1. Pinnacle James says:

    Please we need a stand by letter of credit. What is your requirements

  2. Please request all of my credit in my saving account at cbe branch.

  3. Jeff Hanson says:

    I will appreciate if you could send to me your draft DOA for study with full closing procedure.

    I am interested in SBLC/BGs could monetize it or purchase the sane if need be.

    While I wait for your detailed info, please send to e-mail:
    Jeff Hanson.

  4. Good Day.I represent a housing development company in Srilanka.The company is having solid buyers to buy the apartment units once constructed.The cost of the project is 700 MN US$ Dollars.The project land which the company proposes to buy shall be placed with the lender of this loan as security.Project construction time 4 years.When the apartment units are sold the full loan will be settled.We cannot agree for any up front fees or charges

  5. David Chia says:

    Like to find out more on bank guarantee.

  6. David Chia says:

    Will like to find out more on bank guarantees.

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