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1.Client completes application form.

2. Financial Dragon sends client :

  • Complete instrument draft
  • Invoice
  • Agreement to be signed by client
  • 3. Client reviews the draft with any relevant third parties (i.e. beneficiary)

    4. Client request changes by filling out Financial Dragon amendment form.

    5. Client receives revised draft and repeats step 3

    6. Client provides Financial Dragon with the following :

  • Signed and approved copy of the final draft for issuance
  • Certificate of incorporation of Client Company
  • List of shareholders of Client Company
  • Passport copy of main shareholder of Client Company
  • Financial Dragon Agreement by signed by authorized signatory of Client Company
  • 7. Financial Dragon receives required issuance fees

    8. Issuing institution issues per wording client approved

    9. Client receives swift copy of the issued instrument.